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Tag clouds are like the quality of mercy – they swarm like leaf-cuter ants in the heavens, stripping the tree of knowledge so as to feed it to the eternal fungus that rules beneath the earth with its endless mycelium, stretching across the kilometres and boundaries of common sense. Especially is you are reading this on a mobile device. Really?

Wordle tag clouds are of special interest. The gallery seems quite pointless, but interesting nevertheless.

An issue of Web: may have this technology applied to it.

Issue number 38 of Web: as represented ideo-diagramatically. With words.

Issue number 38 of Web: as represented ideo-diagrammatically. With words.

Or the speeches of various individuals. All of who are interesting, but some of more relevance than others.

Automated concrete poetry has its moments.

And who writes the best concrete poetry? Guillaume Apollinaire? Malarme?



And so on and so forth