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So it’s been a while…

Yes, I tried blogging a long time ago and now I’m back. Hello first person perspective, it’s been a while.
So now I think I’ll start a new blog and also keep this one ticking over, just so I can link between them both to make it look more exciting.




How many different version of reality are out there? As many as there are people. How many are ludicrously racist? Slightly less, but still a lot. One of the more bizarre is Metapedia, or to put it another way – Nazipedia, which unfortunately isn’t an example of Poe’s Law. But definitely Godwin’s law

Ah, the good old days of Wolfenstein 3D

Ah, the good old days of Wolfenstein 3D

From their preamble…

Metapedia is an electronic encyclopedia about culture, art, science, philosophy and politics.
The word ‘Metapedia’ is derived from two concepts from classical greek: ‘meta’ that means ‘outside’ or ‘beyond’; and ‘enkyklios paideia’ that means ‘encyclopedia’. The name has a dual symbolic meaning:

  • Metapedia sets its focus on topics that usually are not covered in — i.e. that falls outside of — mainstream encyclopedias.
  • Metapedia has a metapolitical purpose, to influence the mainstream debate, culture and historical view.

The project is still in its early stages, but the database is growing every day and you are heartily welcome to contribute to the growth of this valuable and unique encyclopedia.

At least they claim it’s unique. I certainly hope there aren’t more like it lurking out there. But what they really mean is…

Hey everybody, we’re Nazis! National Socialism, which is the polite name for the Nazi party, was really misunderstood – we just wanted to rule the world for 1000 years (for starters), in which time we would have killed everyone who was the least bit different from us and by us we mean some idealised version of the Aryan race (but not actually Aryans as they came from India which is full of brown skinned people) and people who think Nazi apologist David Irving is actually an historian instead of an hysterical racist.

The Register has a good take on it.

Conservapedia too pinko? Try Metapedia

Even Conservapedia finds it too strange a bedfellow. But that might make it homosexual, which it really isn’t, really.

And at time of writing, Consversapedia have this on their front page

The YouTube video producer Swordsman of Faith continues to battle evolutionists over his anti-evolution video which cites the Conservapedia evolution article and the video was produced over 60 days ago! It appears as if many Darwinist cannot face the truth that Adolf Hitler was an evolutionist and that the Nazi eugenics program and the Holocaust have their roots in Darwinism!

The Black Knight always triumphs!

The Black Knight always triumphs!

Take that you dammed evolved beings and windmills! Yes, this animated gif went with the text. Classy.

And speaking of windmills – Metapedia — The Encyclopedia for Racists, by Racists

But perhaps the last word should go to somewhat dubious and dramatic Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Metapedia is a Nazi wiki ridden with a prime example of arrogant white trash who think that they’re well cultured in the fine arts of philosophy and science. Encyclopedia Dramatica is often mistaken for this horrible website for some inexplicable reason. As of May 10th 2009, was voted number one in’s 5 Terrifying Bastardizations of the Wikipedia Model(though metapedia put it on their current events section of their site that they were voted number one alternative wiki.). In what can only be described as a tragedy, Encyclopedia Dramatica was only voted number three, but that’s fine, seeing as how batshit crazy the other two were. (in case you were wondering, number two was some shitty website about paganism whose domain expired in 2008)

So maybe the final last word can go to Cracked.

5 terrifying bastardizations of the wikipedia model

  1. Metapedia
  2. Pagan Wiki
  3. Encyclopedia Dramatica
  4. Wikifur
  5. Conservapedia

Madurai animation request

In my work (which involves some animation) I occasionally receive emails from people overseas, this time from Madurai in southern India. This one confused me somewhat. Not sure if it’s for something there or here. And the trust for “children” could be good or bad.

Dear sir, Greetings to you.
I am organising an animation event viz-Madurayil Animation on July 25th 2009.
I am a regular visitor of our site&developed skills in Animation.
Understanding your role&service in this sector I humbly seek your Guidance&co-operation.

I informed Toonboom&Autodesk also.
Pl help me to make this event more meaningfull.
i run a trust for “Children”.Pl mail me your valid opinions.
Regds G.k.Agri.

Which made me look up Madurayi. It’s a temple city with a 2,500 year history. And a digital city guide.

Clcik for a (different) closer look

Click for a (different) closer look

It also made me look up Toonboom, software I wasn’t previously familiar with.  It’s used by some major studios – Disney, Warner Bros and also on tv series like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Spongebob Squarepants and many others. See a glowing video review by Roger of Toonboom using Toonboom.

Toonboom video review

Toonboom video review by Roger

He’s keen, I’ll give him that.

Target 168 – Eurovision

The most marvellous Sticky Institute have been cracking the whip with their latest effort to get local (and international) zine makers to pump out more fine quality zine-like publications. The Target 168 initiative moves on slightly from the previous Target 144 series,which had no theme, but did have a water saving link.

Participants in Target 168 had 168 hours to create a zine based on country participating in the Eurovision Song Contest and the New Reality got  – Estonia!

Estonia as it was in 1935

Estonia as it was in 1935

Now we wait to reap the whirlwind of the 38 (depending on some slackness) other zine makers who all contribute 38 copies of their zine, one of which goes to each participant. They were all going to be mailed out this morning, but there is a slight delay. From Sticky this morning:

A few things are slowing us down at target 168 HQ. They include a sea battle in Iquique in 1879. Yes, there is a remembrance day in Chile for
Correo Cerrado and that is holding up our international post of a zine due to come through.

Not everyday that happens. But the delay simply serves to heighten the anticipation – I’m looking forward to Adam Ford’s effort with the Ukraine.

If you weren’t part of target 168, then it’s a little late now to do anything other than lament your fate and rush down to Sticky to pick up your copy. Well, you will be able to on Wednesday after I make a few more copies and take some down to Sticky. If you’re lucky there may be some other countries on offer.

And what you will get is this – from the introduction to Web: 47…

The Sticky Institute have once again journeyed into the realm of the temporal anomaly by allowing 168 hours for the production of a publication, this time based thematically on a competition revolving around geographical location and directed oscillations in atmospheric amplitude and pressure. The concept of ESTONIA was randomly directed towards the New Reality, and has subsequently been expanded upon in this humble tome. The forces that arise from such competition are suited to the forum of Web:, as they harken to the dark northern moonless nights and shadow realms that lie beyond the birch forest.

All Hail the New Reality

Estonian alternat reality travellers

Estonian alternate reality travellers

Also getting a mention in this issue are C’thulhu, the 2005 cyber war with Russia and the KLF.

I am not the first.

No one is ever the first.
Critical perspectives on science and technology
Written by Kevin Arthur in San Jose, CA.

But who cares. What I’ve read there so far is very interesting. But the internet is big enough for two writers using the same premise. Not that I’m writing about technology, which Kevin does admirably.

Plus, he has ‘Techno Tuesday’ cartoons by Andy Rementer.
Not that I’d head of him before.

If I bothered to look harder, I’m sure I could find many other ‘questions technology’ people. Like Theodore Kacznski.

Hello you weird and beautiful world!

So this is the wonderful world of the internet, eh? Hello.

Let’s see how long this lasts.

And so on and so forth