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Adaptive transmit eigenbeamforming with orthogonal space-time block coding in correlated space-time channels

Conventional space-time codes can provide a significant improvement in system performance only if the signal paths are spatially uncorrelated, a condition that is hardly met in practice. In this paper, we mitigate this condition by combining a technique of eigenbeamforming, based on the channel correlation matrix, with orthogonal space-time block codes (O-STBC) at the transmitter side of the link. No feedback information from the receiver (the mobile station) is utilized in the proposed structure. Simulation results using 4-ary PSK signaling showed that this idea outperforms existing techniques in both uncorrelated and correlated channels in terms of bit-error rate and symbol-error rate.

Now this is what scientific research should sound like. It almost makes sense, but the specific meaning slides just beyond your grasp, like a tethered lobster trying to pick up a large frozen boiled egg.

Lobsters, like snails and spiders, have blue blood due to the presence of haemocyanin, which contains copper

Lobsters, like snails and spiders, have blue blood due to the presence of haemocyanin, which contains copper


Wordle wordlet wordled

Tag clouds are like the quality of mercy – they swarm like leaf-cuter ants in the heavens, stripping the tree of knowledge so as to feed it to the eternal fungus that rules beneath the earth with its endless mycelium, stretching across the kilometres and boundaries of common sense. Especially is you are reading this on a mobile device. Really?

Wordle tag clouds are of special interest. The gallery seems quite pointless, but interesting nevertheless.

An issue of Web: may have this technology applied to it.

Issue number 38 of Web: as represented ideo-diagramatically. With words.

Issue number 38 of Web: as represented ideo-diagrammatically. With words.

Or the speeches of various individuals. All of who are interesting, but some of more relevance than others.

Automated concrete poetry has its moments.

And who writes the best concrete poetry? Guillaume Apollinaire? Malarme?


Wasp or ant? Wasp.

I had a job interview once where the employers released a large ant into the room.  but I guess they were trying to find out how the interviewees responded under stress. Thing is, they chose this flightless wasp that looked kind of like and ant. They spent the whole time scuttling around the floor. It was still very distracting because it really looked like and ant.

Diamma bicolor

Diamma bicolor

Afterwards I harnessed the power of the internet to identify it. I wrote some emails to ant fanciers and they told me it was indeed a wasp.

And so on and so forth