Madurai animation request

In my work (which involves some animation) I occasionally receive emails from people overseas, this time from Madurai in southern India. This one confused me somewhat. Not sure if it’s for something there or here. And the trust for “children” could be good or bad.

Dear sir, Greetings to you.
I am organising an animation event viz-Madurayil Animation on July 25th 2009.
I am a regular visitor of our site&developed skills in Animation.
Understanding your role&service in this sector I humbly seek your Guidance&co-operation.

I informed Toonboom&Autodesk also.
Pl help me to make this event more meaningfull.
i run a trust for “Children”.Pl mail me your valid opinions.
Regds G.k.Agri.

Which made me look up Madurayi. It’s a temple city with a 2,500 year history. And a digital city guide.

Clcik for a (different) closer look

Click for a (different) closer look

It also made me look up Toonboom, software I wasn’t previously familiar with.  It’s used by some major studios – Disney, Warner Bros and also on tv series like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Spongebob Squarepants and many others. See a glowing video review by Roger of Toonboom using Toonboom.

Toonboom video review

Toonboom video review by Roger

He’s keen, I’ll give him that.


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