Target 168 – Eurovision

The most marvellous Sticky Institute have been cracking the whip with their latest effort to get local (and international) zine makers to pump out more fine quality zine-like publications. The Target 168 initiative moves on slightly from the previous Target 144 series,which had no theme, but did have a water saving link.

Participants in Target 168 had 168 hours to create a zine based on country participating in the Eurovision Song Contest and the New Reality got  – Estonia!

Estonia as it was in 1935

Estonia as it was in 1935

Now we wait to reap the whirlwind of the 38 (depending on some slackness) other zine makers who all contribute 38 copies of their zine, one of which goes to each participant. They were all going to be mailed out this morning, but there is a slight delay. From Sticky this morning:

A few things are slowing us down at target 168 HQ. They include a sea battle in Iquique in 1879. Yes, there is a remembrance day in Chile for
Correo Cerrado and that is holding up our international post of a zine due to come through.

Not everyday that happens. But the delay simply serves to heighten the anticipation – I’m looking forward to Adam Ford’s effort with the Ukraine.

If you weren’t part of target 168, then it’s a little late now to do anything other than lament your fate and rush down to Sticky to pick up your copy. Well, you will be able to on Wednesday after I make a few more copies and take some down to Sticky. If you’re lucky there may be some other countries on offer.

And what you will get is this – from the introduction to Web: 47…

The Sticky Institute have once again journeyed into the realm of the temporal anomaly by allowing 168 hours for the production of a publication, this time based thematically on a competition revolving around geographical location and directed oscillations in atmospheric amplitude and pressure. The concept of ESTONIA was randomly directed towards the New Reality, and has subsequently been expanded upon in this humble tome. The forces that arise from such competition are suited to the forum of Web:, as they harken to the dark northern moonless nights and shadow realms that lie beyond the birch forest.

All Hail the New Reality

Estonian alternat reality travellers

Estonian alternate reality travellers

Also getting a mention in this issue are C’thulhu, the 2005 cyber war with Russia and the KLF.


1 Response to “Target 168 – Eurovision”

  1. 1 Adam Ford May 26, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    yeah don’t hold your breath – i’m a bit ambivalent about what I came up with. excited to see yours, though.

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