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Second Nature

I’m not so sure about the design, but the writing is much better.

Second Nature: International journal of creative media

And the reproductions of Dutch Still Life images by Kevin Best.


The Single Wing Turquoise Bird

Before YouTube, before VJ’s (remember them?), before time itself, there were beatniks with film projectors and oil slides. Ok, maybe it was the 1950’s. But it definitely got going in the the 60’s.

Single Wing Turquoise Bird performing

Image: The Single Wing Turquoise Bird performing in the Cumberland Mountain Film Company studio in Los Angeles, CA 1970

“ The Single Wing Turquoise Bird Lightshow (SWTB) was famous for its wide screen lightshows for the legendary “Pinnacle Productions Series” held at the Shrine Exposition Hall in Los Angeles in 1967 and 1969. SWTB performed with the Chambers Brothers, Velvet Underground, Grateful Dead, Big Brother and The Holding Company, Pacific Gas & Electric, Steve Miller Band, Taj Mahal, Dr. John, Sons Of Champlin, BB King, The Yardbirds, Cream and Quicksilver Messenger Service. ”

[Via Rhizome: ]

Wasp or ant? Wasp.

I had a job interview once where the employers released a large ant into the room.  but I guess they were trying to find out how the interviewees responded under stress. Thing is, they chose this flightless wasp that looked kind of like and ant. They spent the whole time scuttling around the floor. It was still very distracting because it really looked like and ant.

Diamma bicolor

Diamma bicolor

Afterwards I harnessed the power of the internet to identify it. I wrote some emails to ant fanciers and they told me it was indeed a wasp.

Squid and Frog

Amy Winfrey is responsible for Squid and Frog! And Big Bunny. And Making Fiends.

But not for Squid and Frog and Fish

I am not the first.

No one is ever the first.
Critical perspectives on science and technology
Written by Kevin Arthur in San Jose, CA.

But who cares. What I’ve read there so far is very interesting. But the internet is big enough for two writers using the same premise. Not that I’m writing about technology, which Kevin does admirably.

Plus, he has ‘Techno Tuesday’ cartoons by Andy Rementer.
Not that I’d head of him before.

If I bothered to look harder, I’m sure I could find many other ‘questions technology’ people. Like Theodore Kacznski.

Republican party consipracy weirdos

Of course they are. And increasingly desperate, according to Jeffery Feldman writing in the Huffington Post.

Conspiracy theory conservatism

I doubt anything similar will happen here on a federal level, but hopefully it will in the Victorian Liberal party, as they’ve got pretty much nothing else to run with. Well they do, but they’re too useless to capitalise on any public sentiment. Where is Big Ted anyway? Is he still the opposition leader?

Trouble in school for Big Ted

Watching paint peel is as interesting as it gets in opposition

Hello you weird and beautiful world!

So this is the wonderful world of the internet, eh? Hello.

Let’s see how long this lasts.

And so on and so forth